Recently recognized as one of the top mixologists in the world by Savory and Luxe Magazine, Rob has been featured in major publications including the Wall Street Journal, Times of London, People Maxim, Huffington Post and Esquire to name a few. He has also been guested on CBS, NBC, FOX and E! His career has led him all over the world for more than 20 years running programs. Rob Floyd is also the founder of Cocktail Theatre, a luxury tactile branding concept. He delivers a unique performance mixing live entertainment with an unforgettable cocktail experience.

Some of the programs Rob has designed specialty cocktails and experiences:

  • Aston Martin
  • Major awards ceremonies – Oscars, Grammy’s and Emmy’s
  • Hennessy, Effen Vodka, Basil Hayden Bourbon, Red Bull
  • SBE, Starwood, Think Food Group, OCI International
  • SLS Hotels, Chateau Marmont, Peninsula Hotel
  • NPR
  • Adobe, World Poker Tour, CES

Rob also consults with top celebrity chefs, including Scott Conant (Chopped TV star), Jamie Gwen (national radio personality), and Jose Andres (James Beard award winner). Jose  refers to Rob as the “One man Delta Force” of Bar training and is writing the into to Rob’s upcoming book “A Life Behind Bars.” (Working title)

Delivering a message in a glass for clients and the public, Rob Floyd has sold out cocktail and restaurant venues nationwide for more than two years. Events have ranged in size from 10 to 350, and combine corporate branding and messages that lead to an unforgettable nights of tasting and entertainment. Rob’s personal guarantee will have you create an adventure in a glass that will make you test the limits and taste the impossible. His belief is that a toast is never just a toast, but a celebration of a moment in time to be cherished forever.


As the mastermind of cocktail theater, Robert Floyd has been one of the most influential masters of transforming mixology into an adventure of taste and senses. His mastery of the elements, historical grounding and ability move people out from their comfort zones has created a truly unique phenomenon.  On part history class, one part chemistry experiment, and one part concoctive concerto, the magic of Cocktail Theater is that one leaves the experience more rounded and with greater ability to see the endless possibilities around him. It is one event no lover of art, or food, passion or the best elements of  life should dare to miss.

Adam Pliska


WPT Enterprises Inc.

From 2012-2014 I worked with Adobe as a Senior Marketing Manager, responsible for supporting the Consumer Business Unit at Adobe. I had the pleasure of booking Rob Floyd as our celebrity mixologist for the Adobe VIP event at CES in 2014. From the initial phone conference through the execution of the event, Rob was full of ideas and excitement. He customized his program to fit our executive team requirements, and also worked in our brand to the drink menus. Our event was flawless, and a major crowd pleaser. We had a full house, and everyone had a tantalizing experience.

Bernice Wong Brown

Senior Marketing Manager


I have loved every show I have hired him for and am convinced Rob Floyd is doing something no one else could possibly deliver. A night of his “Cocktail Theatre” has been exciting, unforgettable, on brand and always a huge success for us and our guests!

Sam Bakhshandehpour

President, SBE

I am convinced he is the modern era Puck of “Midsummer’s night dream.”  I am always swept away by his wonderful drinks and exciting evenings.

Steve Garbarino

Contributing Editor Wall Street Journal

 The Cast and Crew
Rob Floyd – “The Big Cheese”
Matt Phelan – Secretary
Steve Kline – Czar of IT
Megan Kline – Head Writer for Cocktail Theatre
Michael Resendez – All Around Troublemaker and mischievious angel
Wayne Tokio – Director of Fun
Julia Sundstrom – Assistant to “The Big Cheese”